In Good Company

Pamela A  Harris

Pamela was born in Medford, Oregon on December 27, 1947.  In her 60+ years she was one of the most recognized and respected interconnect specialists in the military and aerospace industry.  She raised 2 children and was blessed with 7 grandchildren before cancer took her life in October 2008.  When she was 16 years old she began her family and her career in the electronics industry at ABC Connector in Hollywood, Calif. (which later became part of Avnet Electronics).  During her career she helped engineers find solutions to 1000s of applications involving interconnect products which were used on aerospace products and military weapons systems such as the Apache Helicopter, AMRAAM, AIM9X, Standard, Phoenix, Tomahawk and many other missile and weapons systems.  She rose to the level of branch manager at Richey Electronics and was responsible for their location in Tempe, Arizona.  In 1986 she became the co-owner and President of Carefree Electronic Sales in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She and I continued to help customers design and develop products which helped our fighting forces defend our country, create jobs and produce state of the art results for weapons systems and aerospace products.  Pamela was a gifted artist and many of her creations were given to dear friends as gifts or were presented at auctions with the proceeds going to deserving charities.  Pamela was one of the best examples of what can be accomplished by women who dedicate themselves to a higher level of knowledge and purpose.  .